The setting is well equipped with a good range of safe and suitable furniture and equipment. Children’s independence is promoted as they can access activities from the low level storage units.

Staff have a good knowledge of each child’s backgrounds and needs. Staff are knowledgeable about promoting an inclusive environment for all children. Staff use Makaton signing with all children and this particularly supports children with additional languages or communication difficulties.

Parents comments indicate they are happy with the service the nursery provides. Children are happy and settled in the nursery and are making good progress in their development.Children are supported by the staff who work closely with groups of children or individually to encourage and extend their play. Children have good opportunities to develop their skills for the future as they enjoy using the computer in the afternoon.

They are confident in their computer skills and are learning about controlling the mouse and following simple programmes. They also enjoy exploring and investigating their surroundings using the binoculars or magnifiers. Children are developing their pre-writing skills as they draw and paint intricate pictures and they attempt to write their name on their work. Children’s understanding of numbers and counting are developing as they enjoy building with the large blocks and talk about how many blocks they need to make a roadway and position them carefully so they fit together.

Children are developing healthy lifestyles as they adopt good hygiene routines such as washing their hands before mealtimes. They enjoy snacks of fruit and help themselves to drinks of water or milk. Children are provided with a healthy nutritious home cooked lunch and they learn to develop their independence as the serve their own food.

Children learn about keeping safe as they take part in regular fire drills, which helps them understand about safely evacuating the building. They are reminded about the safety rules when indoors such as not running around and learn about road safety and why they must stay together when visiting the park.