List Of Good Money Lenders In Singapore

When you get a personal loan from a bank is not that easy since they require a lot of requirements to be submitted and those will still not be enough to know if you are approved by the loan or declined. The entire loan approval or process – from application down to disbursement may take several days or even weeks, and almost everyone can’t afford to wait long especially those people who need finances.

Fortunately, there is another option to go for a loan who takes little process and that is with a licensed moneylender, and these lenders are commonly known for providing financial assistance or instant loans with a quick approval process. In the country of Singapore, most of the people there always related money lenders as an illegal lender or known as loan sharks but rest assured that they are far from that since licensed money lenders are regulated by Singapore Ministry of Low or known as MinLaw – any lenders who violate the law will risk their license being revoked. For more information about money lender on the site

Here is a list of good money lenders in Singapore

Katong Credit Pte. Ltd.

This lending company is built with trust and integrity and these qualities have built them the company they have today – a tremendous and well-built company who provides financial assistance to all people who need finances whether it is for personal, education, business use, et cetera. This lending company is one of the most recommended licensed money lenders in Singapore because they have helped a diverse pool of clients who walks of life. Even if there are a various lending companies in the country of Singapore, they have built and go extra length just to ensure that you have enjoyed their service with content.

Lending Bee Pte. Ltd.

This money lending company is the most well-established company in the county and they are committed to making a different way in which people could access credit. As they were given a privilege by MinLaw to pilot at alternate business models for money lending, the company offers both unsecured and secured loans to all people who need financial assistance. There is no doubt that they are the most recommended money lending institution.