Cookie Jam Tips for Moving to Next Level Easily

Cookie jam is the most popular game that is loved and played by many android and iOS users. The games have a series level, which requires to be completed by getting the level solutions. It is a game that can be so addictive and can be time-consuming to advance to your next level if you don’t use the following tricks to get the level solutions fast.

Don’t misuse your rolling pins

If you want to clear the whole row of the ingredients at a go, you should use the rolling pins. It is better to reserve your rolling pins and don’t use them to solve a simple element. Instead, reserve them for the most challenging corners and crevices that are much hard to reach.

Use the same patterns candy crush

It has almost the same patterns which can be applied by cookie jam players. For example, L and T’s shape will explode the ingredient as the candy crush. It is better to utilize your candy experience to get the most advantage in your cookie jam. If you are more curious about find level solution then you can learn more about it on

Make your first move to the bottom

It is essential to ensure you place the moves on the board’s bottom to get a combo in your cookie jam play. That will make new cookie jam pieces available and causing cascade effects. The pieces moved on the top always cares for themselves when they are falling.

Obtaining unlimited free game lives

In case you have limited time when playing cookie jam, you can go into app game settings and alter the time to some hours ahead. Go back to your game and continue with your play. That trick can’t reoccur as many times as you can but remember to set the time to default after your play.

Allow gingerbread men to perform themselves

Stop rushing to board to chase gingerbread men. Perhaps, you should keep checking on them but don’t bother them as they will care for themselves during the process of play. It would help if you used the above and the around patterns on gingerbread men without any fear. Playing cookie jam can be so sweet and enjoyable when you use the above tricks and tips to get your level solutions.